Keith Gill, portrayed by Paul Dano, is the central character in "Dumb Money," representing retail investors against Wall Street hedge funds

Known as Roaring Kitty online, Keith Gill played a significant role in the GameStop surge in late 2020 via YouTube and Reddit

Gill, born in 1986 in Brockton, Mass., was an accomplished athlete before pursuing a career in finance

He shared stock analysis on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit, primarily focusing on GameStop

Gill's investment in GameStop soared to nearly $48 million when the stock peaked at $483 per share in January 2021

Despite facing legal challenges, Gill testified to Congress about the undervaluation of GameStop stock

"Dumb Money" highlight Gill's journey and the retail investor movement against hedge funds.

Keith Gill's current whereabouts remain uncertain, with no recent activity on his social media accounts

His net worth is estimated to be around $30 million, but there's no confirmation from Gill himself

Gill's story underscores the power of retail investors in challenging Wall Street