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At MoneyMarsh, we believe in empowering individuals to achieve financial freedom and security through education, guidance, and cutting-edge resources.

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Meet Our Founder

Vivek Tiwari is the founder and driving force behind MoneyMarsh. With a dual MBA in Finance and Marketing, Vivek brings a unique blend of financial expertise and marketing acumen to the team.

His academic background coupled with his extensive experience as an investor, trader and entrepreneur gives him a comprehensive understanding of both the financial and strategic aspects of wealth management.

Vivek’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in shaping MoneyMarsh into a trusted and reliable resource for individuals seeking financial guidance. He is actively involved in curating content, developing innovative tools, and fostering a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are committed to improving their financial literacy and achieving financial independence.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Vivek is an avid traveler, fitness enthusiast, and philanthropist. He believes in giving back to the community and is involved in various charitable initiatives aimed at promoting education, healthcare, and economic empowerment.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Our team of experts further enriches MoneyMarsh:

Dave Stein is a seasoned financial advisor with over two decades of experience in the industry. With a passion for helping individuals make sound investment decisions, Dave's expertise lies in portfolio management, retirement planning, and wealth preservation strategies.
David Trench is an economist and financial analyst known for his insightful market commentary and strategic investment advice. With a background in macroeconomics and a keen eye for market trends, David provides readers with valuable perspectives on navigating volatile markets, identifying investment opportunities, and mitigating risk in their portfolios.
Emily White is a professional full-time blogger, personal finance expert and author dedicated to helping individuals achieve financial wellness. Drawing from her experience in financial planning and budgeting, Emily offers practical tips and strategies for managing debt, saving money, and building a solid financial foundation.
Erin Seal is a financial planner and advocate for financial literacy. Specializing in holistic financial planning, Erin helps clients align their financial goals with their values and priorities. From comprehensive retirement planning to estate planning and tax optimization strategies, Erin's holistic approach ensures that her clients are well-equipped to navigate life's financial challenges with confidence and peace of mind.

Whether you’re saving for retirement, planning for a major purchase, or striving to eliminate debt, our team is here to offer guidance and encouragement.

Our Mission

At MoneyMarsh, our mission is to empower individuals from all walks of life to achieve financial freedom and security. We believe that financial literacy is the cornerstone of economic empowerment, and we’re committed to providing accessible, reliable, and actionable financial information to help our audience make informed decisions about their money.

We understand that navigating the world of personal finance can be daunting, especially with the ever-changing economic landscape and complex financial products available. That’s why we’re dedicated to breaking down barriers and demystifying financial concepts through clear, concise, and easy-to-understand content.

Whether you’re just starting your financial journey or you’re well on your way to achieving your goals, we’re here to support you every step of the way. From budgeting basics to advanced investment strategies, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to take control of your financial future confidently.

But our mission goes beyond just providing information; it’s about building a community of empowered individuals who share their knowledge, experiences, and successes. We believe in the power of community support and the importance of learning from one another’s triumphs and challenges.

Ultimately, our mission is to inspire and empower you to take charge of your financial destiny, so you can live life on your own terms, pursue your passions, and achieve your dreams. Together, let’s navigate the world of money management and turn your financial aspirations into reality.

What Sets Us Apart

We take a holistic approach to financial education, recognizing that true financial wellness encompasses more than just budgeting and investing.

Our comprehensive resources cover a wide range of topics, including debt management, retirement planning, insurance, estate planning, and even mental health aspects related to money management. By addressing all aspects of personal finance, we provide a more complete and tailored experience for our users.

Whether you’re a recent graduate burdened with student loans, a young family saving for a home, or a pre-retiree strategizing for retirement, our content and tools are designed to meet you where you are and help you navigate your specific financial journey.

Our team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. From seasoned financial advisors and economists to certified financial planners and personal finance experts, our contributors offer diverse perspectives and insights to ensure that our content is accurate, reliable, and relevant. You can trust that the information you find on MoneyMarsh is backed by expertise and thorough research.

Transparency and integrity are at the core of everything we do. We adhere to strict ethical standards and guidelines to ensure that our content is unbiased, impartial, and free from conflicts of interest. You can trust that the advice and recommendations you receive from MoneyMarsh are always in your best interests, with no hidden agendas or ulterior motives.

We’re constantly striving to improve and innovate. Whether it’s updating our content to reflect the latest market trends, enhancing our tools and resources based on user feedback, or expanding our community offerings to better serve our audience, we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve and delivering value-added experiences for our users.

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