Top Five AI Crypto Altcoins Set to EXPLODE In 2024! ( #1 Has 100x Potential)

#4 (FET) (FET) (FET)

Now, moving on to our next pick, this coin has been on an absolute tear lately.

Let me tell you, the buzz around (FET) is seriously electric.

I mean, it’s been shooting up like a rocket lately.

When I first jumped in, it was trading at around 70 to 80 cents, and now? Hold onto your hats—it’s sitting pretty at $2.72!

But here’s the kicker: Fetch AI is a familiar kid on the block.

 It’s been around for over five years, quietly grinding away in the background. And now, it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves.

What’s got me pumped about this project is that they’ve been steadily building their product, even during the tough times in the market.

Now, here’s where it gets exciting. Despite nearly all its tokens being out in the wild, Fetch AI’s price is at all-time highs.

What is my game plan with Fetch AI? I’m still looking to scoop up more during this bull run. If we see a pullback to around 90 cents or $1.20, you can bet I’ll be loading up the truck.

But here’s the thing: Fetch AI is already going parabolic, so who knows if we’ll get that chance? My goal for this bull run? An incredible 10x return would mean I’ve 20x my initial investment. Now, wouldn’t that be sweet?